Turn Supply Chain & Asset Data Into Decisions

  • Time
    60 minutes
  • Date
    Recorded June 18th 2020  11:00 AM

It's June 2020. The cost of lost assets has soared to $4.3 billion per year in Australia. Supply chain is now a Board level discussion and access to timely, accurate data is crucial to decision making. What does that mean for you?

In our June 18 webinar we learnt how digitisation is improving the supply chain and providing timely data to help you make informed decisions and reduce costs. 

Watch the on-demand video now to learn about:

  • The titanic changes to the industry so far and what we might expect in the latter half of the year;
  • The benefits of simple location data on all types of assets;
  • How to unlock supply chain value through data sharing;
  • How to reduce supply chain shock and deliver a better customer experience;
  • The future of vehicle management.

Solutions covered in this webinar:

How to best monitor your assets and equipment with Telstra Track and Monitor

How asset management can reduce financial losses and improve transformation and optimisation in the Telstra Asset Loss White Paper

How IoT is opening a new world of opportunities for the retail industry through data-driven collaboration in the Telstra Data Driven Supply Chain White Paper

How technology can enable fleet safety and productivity with Telstra’s connected vehicle solutions

How IoT can deliver actionable insights for better water management at Telstra’s IoT Water Solution

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Gerhard Loots
Head of Global IoT at Telstra

Gerhard Loots heads up Telstra’s IoT business, a key growth area at the heart of the company’s transformation. His experience stretches across multiple industries, having fulfilled leadership roles in security, advanced manufacturing, consumer electronics, health, real estate and telecoms as well as appointments on the advisory board of several start-ups. Gerhard holds formal qualifications in law, commerce, engineering and continuous improvement. With credentials that also include building a technology company from start-up, he is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. This experience and focus on innovation drives Gerhard’s success in delivering pragmatic and transformative business outcomes for Telstra customers, leveraging new technologies to solve real business problems.

Sean Atchinson
CIO of SCT Logistics

CIO of SCT Logistics the largest privately owned transport and logistics company in Australia. With specialities in CRM, Retail, SAP and Enterprise Architecture Sean is on the leading edge of supply chain collaboration in technology as SCT look to constantly improve their competitiveness and supply chain effectiveness in 2020.

Kirk Coningham
CEO of Australian Logistics Council

Kirk was the National Executive Director of Urban Development Institute of Australia and executive at Master Builders Association of ACT. His role is to advance a policy reform that will help Australia meet its growing freight task.

Michael Hughes
Market Logistics & Planning Manager at MARS Petcare Australia

He has worked across the supply chain area for 20+ years, with roles in manufacturing, international account management, supply chain and inventory management and more.

Neriman Kara
Supply Chain Strategic Growth Leader, Telstra Enterprise

Neriman leads the connected supply chain sales portfolio.

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