Remote Access: How to work out of the office

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    31 minutes
  • Date
    Recorded May 22nd 2018

While 94 per cent of small business owners use apps and cloud technology for personal use, only 33 per cent use them for business purposes!

In this Tech Talk, journalist and small business owner Kate Mills talks about working away from the office – whether you’re on the road or collaborating with teams on different continents. She is joined by previous Telstra Business Award winners Red Robot and Cargo Crew, as well as Brendan Donohoe, Telstra's Executive Director of Small Business.

In this 30-minute on-demand panel discussion, you will learn:

  • How cloud-based apps are doing away with the traditional view of the office.
  • How award-winning businesses are using this technology to work more effectively.
  • How to select and implement this technology into your own business.

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