The future of work is mobile

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    60 minutes
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    Recorded August 18th 2020  11:00 AM

The world of work has changed in a profound way for many over recent months. As people adapt to a more flexible and remote workstyle, mobility has been brought to the forefront of their digital agenda.

Organisations must now consider the long-term opportunities and challenges associated with this change. When forced to work from home, businesses explored the tools and resources that were needed to work in a more fluid and mobile fashion. Now, organisations must focus on how they can use these IT investments alongside business priorities for sustained long-term business growth.

Watch The future of work is mobile webinar recording where you’ll have the opportunity to hear from industry experts, engage in a live Q&A and better understand the importance of mobility in an adaptive workplace environment, and its value in supporting new ways of working in a post-pandemic world.

Watch the on-demand video now to learn:

·       Trends driving interest in enterprise mobility

·       An exploration of the short and long-term considerations businesses must make when embarking on an enterprise mobility initiative

·       Why mobility is vital to the future of work.

Solutions covered in this webinar:

The importance of mobility in an adaptive workplace environment now and in the future in The adaptive workplace starts with mobility whitepaper

How a simple mobility solution with modular plans, features and service options enables you to create a solution that best meets your needs with Adaptive Mobility.

How you can secure your mobility workforce, simplify mobility management and control costs with Enterprise Mobility Managed Services.

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Adam Holtby
Principal Analyst, Workspace Services, Omdia

Adam Holtby is a principal analyst at Omdia, specializing in enterprise mobility, workplace productivity, and IT service management. Adam focuses on helping enterprises understand how digital technologies and services, specifically mobile and service management, are evolving and the impact this can have on business. He produces enterprise case studies, detailed technology audits, insight papers, and comparative technology reports. Adam’s work involves defining the vendor competitive landscape and providing best-practice recommendations for enterprises and vendors alike. For vendor clients, he provides technical review, market context, and strategic advice on current developments and future trends.

Pascal Budd
Head of Mobility, Technology Solutions, Telstra Enterprise

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